Making Online Shopping Easy

Hey there!

So after 3 months of more or less lockdown, Singapore is emerging into its new normal which means we can finally see friends and family again - doesn't that feel just so good?  It also, of course, means that retail shops can finally open!

As Cotton House pops up all over the island I'm hoping to see you in person very soon, which is fabulous as I so often hear people saying how they struggle to buy clothes online due to fit, fabric, return inconveniences etc etc...With this in mind, I just wanted to let you know how Cotton House is always striving to make online shopping a pleasure, not a pain if you're not quite ready to hit up the shops yet.....

1 Our Fit

At Cotton House our sizing is standard and consistent, every style is fitted using the same standard body measurements and every sample is fitted using our standard real life-size mannequin. The sizing chart on our website will guide you as to the equivalent sizing in your home country.

2 Our Styling and Designs

Cotton House style is an easy relaxed way of living - our designs are not tailored pieces - this means that, unlike with more fitted styling, there is more give and take in the sizing depending on your personal preference as to more fitted, or more flowing.

3  Our Fabrics

You shouldn't be disappointed, we use only the best quality natural fabrics, our extremely popular silk/cotton blend ( 80% cotton and 20% silk) is super soft, has a natural sheen and a beautiful drape, for more utilitarian pieces, our 100% cotton is equally lightweight and soft. Ever striving for a more sustainable future we are introducing organic cotton into our new collection. All are machine washable on a cool setting.

 4 Virtual and Personal Shopping 

If something catches your eye but you're not sure which size to order or would like more information - please message me directly either by email or text (all contact details available on the site), I'm of course always happy to help and, if necessary, I'll send out two sizes for you to try at your leisure. Recently I've also been doing virtual shopping sessions using Facebook or WhatsApp video which is so much fun - so do get in touch!

5 No Quibble Free Returns

Of course, there is always the possibility that something isn't quite working for you when you try, that's why we offer and arrange hassle-free returns and exchanges within Singapore without the need for a trip to the PO (and we always try and work something out with international orders!)

So there you have it - do get in touch and if you have any suggestions of ways that would make the process even more shopper-friendly for you then please let me know- I'm all ears!

Hope to see you very soon and in the meantime have a fabulous time with your friends and family!  

Claire x