Style and Comfort at Home

How are you all doing in these turbulent times? I have to say I am slightly struggling with all the changes to routine and extra bodies at home getting under my feet! There are so many articles about right now with tips on working from home and staying sane through self-isolation aren't there? But there is one thing they all say- and that is the importance of getting dressed! Without the need for the 5.45 am alarm, I find it so tempting to sleep in, hang around in PJs and scroll through all the increasingly worrying headlines. Invariably though I soon start to feel out of control of the day and of life, so I realise I'm going to have to try a bit harder to stick to my normal routine, which, after all (aside from a houseful of distractions), hasn't really changed as I work from home anyway.  I always put something nice on and make up my face whether I have meetings or not -  it helps me focus and face the day. So, if you are guilty of PJ days, give it a try - power dressing at home - it may just give you the boost you need! Which brings me to another point - Cotton House dresses are perfect when you want both style and comfort at home. Always a relaxed fit and always in lightweight natural and breathable fabrics, they really do cross that sartorial divide. Do check out the collection - but only in your assigned break of course!

Stay Safe!

Claire x